Humble beginnings

Working a fulltime job in a completely different industry, Donna decided to follow her passion of chocolate making; her journey saw her taking her annual leave to fly to Melbourne to train at Savour and purchase equipment, one piece at a time, before returning to her day job.

Practice makes perfection

Fast forward past many more trips to Melbourne and many, many more late nights practicing and Donna came up with her Raspberry Heart; the driver and motivator which ultimately lead to her risking everything to make chocolate full time.

The Raspberry Heart

As the story goes, many years ago Donna had tasted a Raspberry chocolate filled with real raspberry; her attempts to find a similar chocolate in the years to follow would leave a void where real raspberry was replaced with confectionery fillings.

This drove a need to make one. The stunning success and numerous accolades that her signature Raspberry Heart chocolate has achieved is a testament to her determination.

Family owned and operated

In 2016 Donna established her first store in the town of Tenambit with her son Paul. The team has grown to 4 members now with all of our chocolate being hand-made to the same perfection that Donna originally envisioned.

We are very proud of our story so far, the people we’ve met and the support we’ve received, and we look forward to meeting you and including you in our story as we strive to continue doing what we love.