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Our Story

Welcome to Donarch

Welcome to Donarch Fine Chocolates. We are more than a boutique chocolate maker – we are an experience. Located in the beautiful Hunter Valley, we create chocolates with unparalleled taste and beauty, with every piece echoing our unyielding passion for chocolate making.

Our Passion, Your Delight

Born from the imagination and dedication of Donna Archer, an award-winning chocolatier, Donarch Fine Chocolates embodies the art and passion of fine chocolate making. We believe that every piece of chocolate should be a unique experience, one that captivates the senses and creates a moment of pure delight. Our journey towards perfection is evident in every morsel, as we strive to intrigue your palate with our exquisite chocolates.


A Symphony of Local and Global Flavours

At Donarch, we harmonize the finest Belgian chocolate with fresh, premium quality ingredients to craft our delectable creations. A firm believer in the power of community, we source locally whenever possible, nurturing freshness, quality, and our local economy. With our flagship store in Tenambit and our new Factory/Store in Kurri Kurri, we invite you to indulge in our world of fine chocolates, where quality, beauty, and passion come together to create an extraordinary taste experience.

The Raspberry Heart: Our Origin Story

Our story began with a simple yet profound longing. Throughout her childhood, our founder, Donna Archer, treasured the memory of savoring Raspberry chocolates filled with real fruit from her own childhood. As a mother, she found herself on a quest to share the same authentic Raspberry Filled Chocolate experience with her family. Yet, she was continually met with disappointment – chocolates filled with artificial raspberry or mere fondant simply did not live up to the original she loved.

Driven by this longing, Donna decided to craft the perfect raspberry chocolate herself. While juggling her regular job, she took on training at the renowned Savour Chocolate School. Her persistence paid off when she finally created her signature piece, the raspberry heart. This delectable creation was instantly recognized for its excellence, winning gold at both the Australian Fine Food Awards and the Royal Easter Show, among other accolades.

Inspired by the success of the raspberry heart, Donna and her son Paul launched Donarch Fine Chocolates. True to our origin, we strive to create chocolates that inspire the same joy that a true Raspberry Filled Chocolate brought to a young Donna. Our offerings have grown to include customer favorites like the chocolate-coated honeycomb sourced from our own beehives, the Colombian-inspired chilli chocolate, the beloved Saddler’s Creek Muscat Truffle, and an array of other exquisite treats. Each one, a testament to our journey and our dedication to making chocolates that capture hearts and delight the palate.

At Donarch Fine Chocolates, we share our story with every chocolate we craft, continuing a tradition of passion, authenticity, and exceptional taste.

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