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Privacy Policy

Donarch Fine Chocolate Privacy Commitment

At Donarch Fine Chocolate, we staunchly advocate for the protection and responsible management of your personal data. We understand the trust you place in us, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Communication Line
For any concerns or questions about our Privacy Policy, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

Our Pledge to You
This Privacy Policy is crafted to offer clear insights into our data collection practices: why we gather your personal information, how we intend to use it, and the rigorous security protocols we enforce to protect it. Moreover, it elucidates the rights you have concerning your data. It’s vital to note that this Policy only concerns information we gather directly. It does not cover information acquired through third-party interactions you might have.

Updates & Amendments
As we evolve, we may periodically update our Policy. Such modifications will be reflected on this page. If impactful changes are made, we’ll notify you through our website or email. The most recent update was on 18th May 2018.

Our Organization & Your Data
This Policy covers all aspects of the Donarch Fine Chocolate brand. When we mention “Donarch Fine Chocolate”, “we”, “us”, or “our”, we’re indicating the specific segment within our brand that handles your data. References to “you” denote our customers, prospective clients, and website users.

Donarch Fine Chocolate Ltd., established following Australian guidelines, holds responsibility for the data management on this website.

Our approach towards data protection is aligned with the Australian Privacy Act 1988, including any subsequent amendments or replacements, and other prevailing national standards and regulations.

1) Data Collection Methodology

Your interactions drive our data collection. These engagements encompass online shopping, newsletter subscriptions, telephone communications, or in-store sign-ups for updates.

Further Details
Your data becomes part of our records when you:
– Create or access an account on
– Subscribe to updates in our outlets.
– Join our loyalty scheme.
– Contact us via call or email.
– Book a slot at our events.
– Engage in a Donarch Fine Chocolate competition or survey.
– Complete forms for transactions, job applications, or other goals.
– Navigate our website.

2) The Nature of Data We Accumulate

We at Donarch Fine Chocolate are steadfast in collating only the data critical for our business operations, to provide the products or services you request, and to keep you abreast of our latest offerings.

Sharing your personal details is a choice you make. Not providing this information might curtail our ability to execute your order, keep you informed about its progression, or fully cater to your needs.

Deeper Insights
We might accumulate:
– Salutation
– Full Name
– Email
– Birth Date
– Contact number
– Transaction history
– Communication logs via customer service
– Payment specifics (we don’t store sensitive data like CVV)
– Delivery & Billing addresses
– Preferred store
– Event attendance
– Special service orders
– Social media data (if integrated with us)
– Automatically recognized IP address
– Cookie-driven information
– Device details and, with permission, geographical data.

For thorough comprehension of our cookie practices, please consult our Cookie Policy.

3) Utilizing Your Data: Purpose & Justification

Our primary ambition is to nurture deep relationships with our patrons. Your data helps us offer tailored experiences, update you on our latest events and offerings, and communicate about order deliveries or any potential issues.

We process your data as per the Australian Privacy Act 1988, in the following ways:
– Contractual obligations.
– Fulfilling legal duties.
– Pursuing legitimate interests like service quality enhancement, personalization, business management, legal responsibility adherence, fraud prevention, and product or service refinement.

We emphasize our interests while also considering any impact on you. Data won’t be employed for activities where your interests outweigh ours unless it’s a legal requisite or with your consent.

Data might occasionally be anonymized for operational enhancement.

Further Elucidation
We use your data as follows:
– Name & Contact: Delivering orders, updating on service and deliveries, partnering with third parties for delivery alerts, soliciting post-purchase reviews, marketing (with opt-out), tailored digital ads (opt-out to prevent email ads), fraud prevention, showcasing ads online, and analyzing preferences.
– Payment & Transactions: Payment execution, order deliveries, and fraud prevention.
– Contact History: Customer service and training staff.
– Purchase Records: Facilitating purchases, cart reminders, handling returns, analyzing preferences, and personalizing experiences.
– Device & Web Activity: Website optimization, threat mitigation, website and email content refinement.

We prioritize your trust and protect your data diligently.

4) Disseminating Your Information

We at Donarch Fine Chocolate are unwavering in our commitment to your privacy. Unlike many, we don’t peddle or indiscriminately share your personal data. Any sharing occurs only with your explicit consent, during legal obligations, or when operationally crucial. We ensure all shared data is secure and aligns with our privacy values.

You can exercise your right to restrict third-party data sharing by adjusting your profile’s “Contact Preferences” or by emailing

Essential Points:
– Purposeful Sharing: Data is shared strictly when needed.
– Secure & Temporary: Data sharing is secured, with third parties instructed to erase the data post-usage.
– Contractual Obligations: Third parties are legally bound to protect your data.
– Legal Compliance: We cooperate with regulators and share only indispensable data for legal compliance or investigations.

Further Clarifications
We share data with:
– Entities within Donarch Fine Chocolate for operational synergy.
– Operational Partners such as payment processors, logistic firms, and IT companies.
– Feedback & Product Enhancement firms.
– Data Accuracy Maintenance efforts.
– Strategic Collaborations with marketing agencies and hosting solutions.
– Anti-Fraud Initiatives with credit agencies.
– Business Changes during organizational restructuring.
– Social Media Integrations based on your settings on platforms.
– Payment Solutions for streamlined payment processes.

Your trust is sacred, and every data sharing decision is taken meticulously, ensuring your privacy remains intact.

5) Data Transfer Within Australia

At Donarch Fine Chocolate, all our operations are based within Australia. Occasionally, our staff within different parts of Australia might process your data for various reasons such as order fulfillment, payment handling, or customer support.

Whenever data is shared internally, we ensure that the highest standards of protection are maintained, in line with Australian data protection regulations. To learn more about how we secure your data during these transfers, please contact us at

6) Marketing Communication Preferences

We continuously strive to offer our valued customers products and promotions that might interest them. If you have previously shown an interest in our products or have made a purchase, we may send you marketing materials, unless you’ve chosen to opt-out. For more details about the types of marketing content we might send, please refer to Section 3.

To manage your preferences:

For physical mail, please send an email with your complete details to Kindly note that due to production schedules, it may take some time for catalogue unsubscriptions.
For emails or SMS, use the unsubscribe link in any of our messages or modify your preferences in the My Account Section.
For immediate assistance, send an email to with “UNSUBSCRIBE REQUEST” in the subject line, and include the email address you wish to remove.

7) Online Advertising Practices

We utilise various online platforms for advertising to enhance our brand’s presence. We make use of tools like pixels and cookies and services such as Custom Audience features to show you tailored advertisements on other websites and applications.

If you decide to opt out of our email marketing, this will prevent us from identifying you through email-based custom audiences. However, you may still see our ads if you fall within broader audiences as determined by the platform providers. We recommend adjusting your privacy settings on each platform to control the ads you see.

Please familiarise yourself with the privacy policies of third-party websites. Our policy strictly covers data collected by Donarch Fine Chocolate.

8) Data Retention Period

We retain your personal information based on our customer retention policy. This means we only hold onto your data as long as it is needed or if we are required to keep it due to legal reasons. There might be occasions where specific data is retained longer, such as in cases of disputes, fraud detection, or if we need to uphold our terms and conditions.

9) Commitment to Data Security

Ensuring the security of your personal information is of utmost importance to us. We employ advanced security measures to prevent unintentional data loss, unauthorized access, or unwarranted disclosures. Our staff members who have access to your data have been thoroughly vetted and must follow our confidentiality guidelines.

We have protocols in place to deal with any potential data breaches and are dedicated to informing both you and the appropriate authorities, in line with Australian law, should such an event occur.

Please remember that transmitting data over the internet can never be 100% secure. We do our best to protect your personal information, but we cannot guarantee its security during online transmission. Always be cautious when sharing your personal details on the internet.

10) Your Rights Regarding Your Data

It’s vital for you to understand and be able to exercise your rights concerning your personal data:


Right to Be Informed: This policy outlines how we handle and use your personal information.

Access Right: You can ask for a copy of the personal data we hold about you.

Correction Right: If you notice any inaccuracies in your data, you can request a correction. Ensure any new data you provide is accurate via our website’s My Account Section or by emailing

Right to Erasure: You can ask to have your data deleted, unless we have a valid reason to continue processing it. We will notify you if we cannot comply with such a request due to legal reasons.

Control Over Marketing Messages: Control the types of marketing messages you receive from us. For digital communications, adjust your settings in the My Account Section, and for physical mail, email with all necessary details, as discussed in Section 6.

Consent Withdrawal Right: If we process your data based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw that consent. This might affect the services available to you.

Data Portability Right: In certain circumstances, you can request the transfer of your data either to yourself or another provider.

Complaint Right: If you have concerns about our data processing practices, you can file a complaint with the Australian Information Commissioner.

To exercise any of these rights or for any questions, please Contact Us:


Telephone: (02) 4202 9721

Address: 49 Maize St, Tenambit NSW 2323


Identity Verification: For your security, we might ask for additional details to confirm your identity. This ensures that data is not shared with unauthorized parties.

Timely Responses: Please send all data access requests in writing. We aim to reply within one month in line with the Australian Privacy Principles. However, for complex or multiple requests, we might require more time but will always keep you informed.

Policy Last Updated: 19th October 2023.

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