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Mixed Thins


Weight: 48g
Packaged Size: 12x9x0.7cm

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Discover a delightful variety in our Mixed Choc Thins, featuring one milk chocolate stick, one orange chocolate stick, one strawberry chocolate stick, and one white caramel chocolate stick, each offering a unique and delicious flavor.

Milk Chocolate
This product contains our Milk Chocolate, which is a creamy, velvety blend with a smooth texture and a gentle sweetness that melts in your mouth. It’s perfect for any indulgence, offering a delightful balance that makes it a timeless favorite.
Orange Chocolate
This product contains our Orange Chocolate, which is a zesty and aromatic blend where rich chocolate meets the bright, tangy essence of orange. It offers a truly captivating and invigorating taste, combining the best of citrus and cocoa for a refreshing and delightful experience.
Strawberry Chocolate
This product contains our Strawberry Chocolate, which is a delightful fusion of creamy chocolate and vibrant, fruity strawberry. It creates a refreshing and sweet experience that excites the palate, offering a perfect blend of flavors that is both unique and delicious.
White Caramel
This product contains our White Caramel Chocolate, which is decadently creamy with a luscious caramel twist. It balances sweetness and richness perfectly, creating an irresistible treat that is both indulgent and satisfying.
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